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Splash Decor

Welcome to the new Tile Art Gallery web site featuring our Splash Decor interchangeable tile mural system.

Splash Decor is the first interchangeable tile mural system that allows you to display a beautiful tile mural scene in your kitchen backsplash and then easily change to a different scene whenever the mood strikes.

Splash Decor integrates into any new tile backsplash installation and comes with a free installation kit, removal tool and complete instructions. Simply mount the template in your desired location, install your backsplash tiles around it, remove the template and Install the hardware. That's it! You're now ready to insert your first mural.

Your tile murals will come completely grouted and mounted on our exclusive magnetic plate system and ready to snap into the newly prepared opening in your backsplash. Once installed, your mural will look like a built in permanent tile scene but can be easily removed with the special removal tool and replaced with a new one in seconds.

It's that easy!

Explore our vast selection of tile art murals by world-renowned artists and photographers and find the colors and scenes to suit your exact decorating needs! 

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